Adapt was built by sport performance coaches in pro hockey. Our premium strength, conditioning, recovery, nutrition, and advisory services are designed to help elite hockey players rapidly develop.



Elite hockey players invest in their long term development and understand they need to work with, and have direct access to, the best strength and conditioning coaches and nutritionists in pro hockey.


Elite hockey players understand that each day has specific demands such as travel, fatigue, equipment availability, etc. We provide you with the exact workout, recovery routine, or meal plan for that day so you can maximize your on-ice development.


The best hockey players know that it’s not only about highly customized training and nutrition. We also advise players on mental skills training, rehabilitation from injury, and much more so you can focus on hockey.


STEP 1   Receive your 30 second BioAnalytic survey via text message and fill it out everyday.

STEP 2   Once your coach receives your BioAnalytic survey they will send you either a restoration routine, game prep routine, or workout.

STEP 3   Your trainer will periodically have you send videos for coaching purposes.

STEP 4   On Friday’s you will be sent your meal plan for the week.

COMMUNICATION   If you have any questions you can text your trainer at anytime.


“For me, Adapt was super convenient and very easy to use. Being away from home it was nice knowing I wouldn’t have to make my own workout. I could fill out the information and my coach would send me my routine for the day. Another thing I really liked was how Adapt’s coaches modified routines based on how I was feeling that day. If I was sore or didn’t sleep well I was able to focus on recovery.”

Dominic Toninato / Professional Hockey Player, Colorado Avalanche


“Christian’s workouts helped take me to the next level physically. Using adapt, I felt I was getting the most out of everyday.”

Bobby Brink / Hockey Player, Minnetonka Varsity Hockey, Denver Commit


“Train To Adapt is not about doing the same workouts as NHL players, that wouldn’t make sense. This is about using the system and concepts that NHL players use so that we can maximize your own development.”

Kristian Skarphagen / Development Strength and Conditioning Coach, Chicago Blackhawks / Rockford Ice Hogs

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Christian Burrus — Founder

Christian is currently the Developmental Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Chicago Blackhawks. He holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degrees from Harvard University and a Master’s of Education degree from the University of Minnesota. Christian is also the father or Nora and Fred. He lives in Minneapolis, MN.

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Train with an elite hockey performance coach!

Adapt is so unique that it will be difficult to understand the effectiveness of working with us without trying it. Most online training cost well over $100 per month. With Adapt you can work directly with a professional hockey performance coach for only $1 for the first 5 days. $59 per month after your first 5 days.